Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Comedian of the Family

Mason is the funniest little guy. He makes me smile and laugh all day long. How could you not smile at this face?

He is obsessed with cars and tools. He walks around the house all day long with his "tools" and fixes things for me. Things I didn't even know needed fixing!

Preferably not his brother.
I have a list of words he has made up and things he has said in his baby book, but I thought I would share them.
Looping - this is what happens when you throw something down the stairs.
Me: Mason, stop throwing toys down the stairs
Mason: I not throwing.
Me: What are you doing:
Mason: Looping. (Throws a toy down the stairs) loop, loop, loop, loop
Booming - this is what you call it when you pound something on the counter.
Tom and I took Mason and Hudson to the grocery store one weekend and they were both riding in separate carts. I had taken two steps away from the cart to look at something and the next thing I know Mason is calling to a lady down the aisle - "You get me out" and was holding his arms up to her. I couldn't stop laughing.
When we went to the doctor's office to get our flu shots, he cried for a minute and then looked at his band-aid and said "What happened me?" and then asked for a sucker.
Today we were getting ready to go outside to get Aubrey and Chase off the school bus and I had wrapped Hudson up in his blanket. I told Mason I thought he looked like a burrito. He looked at me with a serious expression and in his little baby voice said "You can't eat him."
I love this kid.
And just because I can't get enough of that grin:

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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