Saturday, November 20, 2010

So far behind...

Sorry I am so far behind, but it has been a rough couple of weeks around here lately.

Tom has been travelling for work and hunting and we have had the nasty flu that has been going around. Aubrey came home sick from school on a Friday and then 5 days later Chase was sick. The next day Mason had it, and then two days later I did and the next day Hudson did! Poor baby - I think he lost weight, he was spitting up so much. No worries though - my chubby chubster is still adding rolls to his thighs!

Here is a picture of our crew from Halloween:

Batman, a Lion, a Witch and a Banana!

Hudson was so squished in his costume but he sure looked cute!
We also had Parent/Teacher conferences and both kids are doing good. Chase is right where he needs to be in Pre-K and Aubrey is doing excellent. She is already reading at a 2nd grade level - wonder where she gets that from?
Aubrey has been going through a sassy phase lately. She has the eyeroll and snottiness down pat I tell you. If this is now, I can't imagine her at 16! She just loves, loves, loves school though, which is a really good thing.
We've had a few issues with Chase not wanting to go to school lately, but we're working through them. Well ,maybe issues aren't the right word. He doesn't want to go - as in takes off his coat and throws his backpack and says "I'm not going" and then Mom has to push him onto the bus.
I definitely think I need to win the Parent of the Year award for that one!
I am working on trying to potty train Mason. I thought we had it - and then....... he stopped. But he is in his big boy bed and doing very well with it.
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this week and getting to see all of our families. We have a lot to be thankful this year. Especially this sweet little chubby face:

He is doing very well off the oxygen. He had a download done on his monitor this past week, but we haven't heard anything yet. I'll keep you posted.
Here is another picture of that sweetness for you. I just can't get enough of his sweetness! He has grabbed a hold of my heart and I just love him to pieces (and my other children too, but you know he can't talk back yet or throw fits!).

Happy Saturday!

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